About Us

Welcome to the Rutland Women’s Rugby  Football Club website, home of the Ravens!

The team was re-established in 2016 after a several year hiatus with help from many new and returning players.

We have both Spring and Fall seasons, which include tournaments, round robins, and individual games with teams from around Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts!

We accept all players 18+ with no experience required! Team dues are $50 for each season (Spring/Fall) and practices are open to everyone. If you’re interested in playing, or a team looking to set up a game, please see our Contact page.

For those interested players still in high school or looking for a men’s side, please see our Links page for information on the girls U-19 Rugby program and Rutland Men’s Rugby, home of the Rutland Roosters!

We have always thought of rugby as a game of passion, dedication, and friendship. Those elements make up our inner drive and fuel our desire to keep playing no matter what the circumstances

Thank you for visiting! We look forward to our continuing growth, and passing on our elements to future ruggers for many more seasons!

Vermont Womens Rugby